Will Gill Awarded the Inaugural Theodore Prize

June 20, 2023

Congratulations to Will Gill, who has just been announced as the winner of the inaugural Theodore Prize!

Administered by the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, the Theodore Prize is an annual award of $20,000 given to an Atlantic Canadian artist whose work displays a high level of artistic and creative excellence, a command of the artist’s medium, and an acknowledged level of regard from the Atlantic Canadian curatorial/gallery community.

Jury Chair, Ray Cronin, says on behalf of the jury:

“Will Gill’s work concentrates on moments between the sublime and the banal, the known and the unknown, presence and absence. He is doing something enigmatic and hard to pin down in his work, and as a result risks failure. But his risk-taking often succeeds, leading to a practice grounded in place, that is poignant and perceptive about life here. He works with and in the Newfoundland landscape in a unique way, making the picturesque strange. It is fitting that he ended up in Newfoundland, because he feels right at home on the edge.”