Aug 11—Sep 3, 2016


  • Old Perlican Harbour Series: Nightfall Over the Harbour

    glazed oil on canvas, 26" x 36", 2016

  • I Look to the West

    oil on canvas
    36” x 48”

  • Kathy Marlene Bailey, Tucked at Daniel's Cove

    Oil on canvas
    30” x 40”

  • Main Wharf

    oil on canvas
    36” x 48”

  • Three Small Boats

    oil on canvas
    36” x 48”

  • Kathy Marlene Bailey - Old Perlican Harbour Series: The Food Fishery

    glazed oil on canvas, 36" x 24", 2016

  • Old Perlican Harbour Series: Harbour Chat

    glazed oil on canvas, 18" x 24", 2016

  • Little Boat, Blue Water

    glazed oil on canvas, 12" x 10", 2015


Harbour is an exhibition that brings together a series of paintings that portrays the social phenomena of the harbour as a meeting place in a small fishing community. Beautifully illuminated glazed oil paintings on canvas, inspired by the old masters approach to oil painting, is the medium Kathy Marlene Bailey works with in her observations of life around the harbour in the fishing community of Old Perlican.

The artist pays tribute to the vibrant social interaction of life on the wharf in the painting “The Food Fishery”, where aside from taking advantage of the food forging opportunity, it seems that families are coming together to celebrate the opportunities as family events. The most compelling aspect of these community gatherings is that the experienced fisher folk are taking the opportunity to pass on the practical skills of filleting and salting cod to others in their community. This transference of local knowledge dovetails into the pursuit of an artisanal local culture that is growing worldwide in the production of food.

Old Perlican harbour embraces the smallest of “fisheries” and the largest, the Quinlan Brothers fish plant. The harbour is now competing with massive fish processing undertakings that are sold half way around the world while the “Food Fishery” speaks to the smallest of the smaller processing methods. This engagement speaks to the tenacity of community, the powerhouse that holds Newfoundlanders together.

 Please join us for the artist reception on Thursday, August 11th from 5:30 – 8:00pm